First Steps

Add an upload directory:

This is the directory that Streama stores all uploaded files in. It is required to be set. Create a folder that the application can access and add the full path into the settings page.

Optional but recommended:

The below steps are optional but recommended to use Streama properly.

Add a themoviedb API key

To automatically get metadata you need to add a API key for themoviedb. Create an account and request and API key, once you have an API key you can add it in the settings page.

Import your current media

If you already have a media library accessible from the system Streama is running on, you can add the folder as a “Local Directory” in the settings. You can then select files from this folder or bulk-add them.


The below steps are completely optional and depend on your use of Streama.

Reverse proxy for running on port 80 or with HTTPS

If you want to run on port 80 or with HTTPS see Reverse proxies.

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